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Photo credits _Arunn G Photography


My name is Ananth Bremakumar aka “ABK.

My passion for photography started at an early age. Being of Sri Lankan and Malaysian heritage, i’ve had the opportunity to experience a diverse mixture of travel, food, culture and adventure, and wanting to capture all of these memories to share with everyone led me down the path of photography.

I have been doing photography for the last 10 years, however it’s only in the ​last 5 years that I have started doing it professionally, as my passion for it has grown even more since picking up the camera all those years ago.

I specialise in wedding and events photography.

I would say there is nothing better than being part of a couples most important day which is either their wedding or engagement ceremony. Surrounded by so much love, emotion and friendship from your family, friends and guests, I will be able to best place myself to capture these magical moments without even seeming to be there. This also means capturing those hilarious drunk moments by the best man and groomsmen as well as those selfie moments by the bridesmaids. 

If you are still reading this, thats great! Why don't you contact me and we can arrange an informal meeting of your preference and you can tell me your story.

See you soon,


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